Gnaraloo is a working pastoral station and Wilderness tourism business, which is situated adjacent to the Ningaloo Marine Park, located approximately 150 kilometres north of Carnarvon, in Western Australian. Gnaraloo comprises of a 90,000 hectare area, with approximately 65 kilometres of coastline!

Gnaraloo is a station environment and a half completed project. Please come prepared for basic facilities, ongoing development work and to be living close to nature. The tourist facilities at Gnaraloo are very much a ‘work in progress'; HOWEVER we expect that you will not be disappointed with your experience of Gnaraloo. A large proportion of our customers have been coming here for years (some for generations!) - there are many reasons why.

We ask that you approach Gnaraloo with a sense of adventure and that you join with our regular visitors who value Gnaraloo because they can enjoy the freedoms and natural wonders of the area in an INDEPENDANT way. Much of Gnaraloo is still ‘uncharted territory' so go out and find new dive sites, surf breaks, walks, views, species etc It's all out there for you to discover for yourselves and can offer some unique experiences. Please come back and tell others about what you find. We will help you with as much information as we can but we won't hold your hand. There are no tours or charter boats, and there is no equipment hire on Gnaraloo at present.

Retreat to the outback and learn something about Yourself and the Environment.

We are developing services and will do our very best to help with any reasonable request but with limited resources and difficult environmental conditions to deal with - it's going to be a while. We win small battles every day, and hope to take some bigger steps forward in the future. Gnaraloo is all about experiencing the area around you, spending time with friends and family, enjoying your chosen sport or activity - or lack of it!

Over the next few years we will be working to develop Gnaraloo, to contribute to conserving it, and to still accommodate all the people who want to enjoy Gnaraloo, just the way it is...

Please bear with us........and come and help us....


Please ensure that you come prepared and take responsibility for your own safety, in whatever way you choose to enjoy Gnaraloo. Traditionally our visitors are a community who talk, look out for each other and who are willing to help another if they are in trouble. Prepare and take precautions to ensure that you aren't likely to need help, or can offer it to others. It is not a forgiving environment if you make mistakes whilst learning a new sport or activity. Many visitors have been coming here for years, so talk to those around you who have the most to share at Gnaraloo. Check weather conditions, tides etc, particularly if you intend to be in or on the water.

To Gnaraloo's regular visitors - we know that you value this place as much as we do. And ask that you understand that there will need to be changes in some of the ways that Gnaraloo works with the increase in people that also want to come and experience Gnaraloo, in the way we already do.